Michael Oberg - Freiberuflicher EDV-Berater und Software-Entwickler
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All Downloads are accessible at http://fourier.mylinuxproject.de/mylinux/downloads/.


Compressed images of bootable myLinux CD's can be downloaded here.

The package mylinux usermanager x.xx.tgz is contained in this CD image, but the package lists are not.

A short description of the installation is contained in the file InstallCD-Readme.txt, which also can be found on the CD image. The config file which has to be edited during the installation process can be viewed under mylinux.conf.

All CD Images have names like livecd-x.xx.img. The oldest Images (before the implementation of cloop) are gzip compressed too.

myLinux Package

The package mylinux-usermanager-x.xx contains the usermanager, the setup routines, patchfiles for the LDAP configuration of different software packages and the scripts needed for the Compilation.

Sources list

For the compilation of myLinux three package series will be needed:

  • the LFS core packages,
  • a selection of BLFS packages,
  • and additional packages, which aren't included in BLFS.

For each one of these series a wget script exists; the script for LFS is from the LFS website, the others are adapted to myLinux.

Date Hyperlink Size
07.10.2003 readme-getscripts-0.92.txt 1 KB
07.10.2003 getlfs4.1.wget (mylinux 0.91) 5 KB
07.10.2003 getblfs-mylinux0.92.wget 4 KB
07.10.2003 getmylinux0.92.wget 3 KB
07.10.2003 readme-getscripts-0.92.txt 1 KB
27.10.2003 getblfs-mylinux0.93.wget 4 KB
27.10.2003 getmylinux0.93.wget 3 KB
13.11.2003 getmylinux0.94.wget 3 KB

Documentation / Homepage

This complete Homepage (except of the download area) can be downloaded as an archive. After decompressing in a folder mylinuxproject.de you can open the file index.html with a webbrowser of your own choice.

All homepage archives have names like mylinuxproject-x.xx.tgz.


Checksums created by the Linux-Program cksum can be found in cksum.html.


The source packages are located in http://fourier.mylinuxproject.de/mylinux/downloads/sources/. Since end of July daily changelogs are generated automatically in http://fourier.mylinuxproject.de/mylinux/downloads/sources/changelogs/.