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After compiling the bootmanager has to be installed. If the originally system does use lilo as the bootmanager, this can happen by editing the file /etc/lilo.conf . Afterwards the command lilo needs to be executed.

Alternatively the new myLinux-System can be used and the command lilo can be started in the "change root" environment:

chroot <goal partition> /sbin/lilo

In the available example the goal partition was mounted in /mnt/hda4 , thus became the command read:

chroot /mnt/hda4 /sbin/lilo

The file /etc/lilo.conf was created in the goal system according to the data of the file mylinux.conf. However in this file will be only indicated excluding the new created myLinux system. Further systems (like the original one, in which the compiling process was started) must be inserted manually.


After installing the bootmanager, the computer can be rebooted. After that reboot of the new compiled myLinux Server, one must log in as root (password mylinux). By the Login, some skripts will be started, which execute the final configuration process. In addition by the way also background jobs belong, which create fulltextindizes. These skripts should run continuous, before the computer will be shutted down or an Installation-CD will be dreated.