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LDAP Explorer

The administration of the LDAP database can be done in principle with each LDAP administration tool. However at present openLDAP supports only TLS encryption, which at present is still little common for LDAP client tools. Therefore a web interface is the best solution, because it can use the SSL encryption of the Apache webserver. The LDAP Explorer is such a tool.

The patch LDAPExplorer.patch changes the behavior of this program in the following way:

  • by setting of the correct paths, the computer name and the LDAP BaseDN (the last two settings are again changed by the setup scripts),
  • by correction of an error when using the UTF-8-font,
  • by restriction of the input modes - the attribute name is selected from a menu instead of entered in a free text field,
  • login is possible with the UNIX user account instead of the distiguished name (for standardization with the other services).