Michael Oberg - Freiberuflicher EDV-Berater und Software-Entwickler
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adminuser.sh Creates account of user "testadmin", who can already receive emails of the accounts "postmaster" and "root". This script runs as soon you looged on the first time and is started by the "runonce"-Mechanism.
apache.sh Creats the file [httpd.conf|/etc/httpd/httpd.conf] in the template /etc/httpd/httpd.conf-template by filling in the email address of root, servername and serveraddress (see Apache).
ca.sh Creates the SSL-certification of the Server and dthe folder structureof the Certificate Authority.
createcontrolscript.sh Creates as well a skript /root/install.sh as the "runonce"-Skripts in the destination partition, which will start the other setup skripts. The Skript /root/install.sh has to start as a "change root" - (chroot <ZIELDATEISYSTEM> /root/install.sh). It shouldn't run on an running system, because the edit of the LDAP-Database, the DNS-entries and the SSL-Certifikates will interfere the running processes. See also the configuration at the end of the compiling process (compiling by the skript MAIN and the installation routine install-config.sh of the Live-CD (see CD-Image), which will be created by the Skript CREATE-CD.
cyrus.sh Creates the password of the mail administrator cyrus after the entry in mylinux.conf. Will be executed from "runonce", needs a running LDAP-Server.
disks.sh Creates the folder structure on /mnt and creates the files /etc/fstab and /etc/lilo.conf as the in mylinux.conf adjusted harddisk partition.
htdig.sh Creates the ht://dig-configuration file /usr/local/httpd/htdig.conf out of the template /usr/local/httpd/htdig.conf.default by inserting of the eMail-address of root and the computername in the Start-URL's.
ldap-client.sh Creates the configuration file /etc/openldap/ldap.conf (linked with /etc/ldap.conf) for the LDAP-Client-Tools and for pam_ldap with the specification of the Computername and the LDAP-"base" (also called "suffix", see slapd.conf).
ldap-reset-db.sh Creates the minimal LDAP-Database with the correct LDAP-"base" (resp. "suffix", see slapd.conf) and the correct Domain- and Hostnames in the Template-file ldap_db.ldif. There is registered an eMail-redirection to the user "testadmin", the user doesn't yet exist in these Database, because other actions outside of LDAP are needed for creating this account.
ldap-server.sh Creates the LDAP-Server-configurationfile /etc/openldap/slapd.conf with correct LDAP-"base" resp. "suffix" and the in mylinux.conf specified LDAP-Administrator-Password.

Warning: this time the skript simply overwrites the configurationsfile. Thus edits of the configuration need to be also considered (f.e. structure of access rights).

ldapexplorer.sh Enters in the LDAP-"base" (resp. "suffix", see slapd.conf) and the Hostname in two Skripts of the LDAP-Explorers.
location.sh Sets in the keyboard- and time zone settings in mylinux.conf.
mylinux.conf Main configuration file of myLinux Server.
mylinux.sh Transfers Data out of the main configuration file mylinux.conf (Bourne-Shell-Script) in the configuration file for Perl-Scripts, /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.0/mylinux/env.pm.
mysql.sh Creates the Password for the mySQL-Administrator.
network.sh Configures the Netzwork-Interfaces, the DNS- and the DHCP-Server.

Warning: The Configuration files of DNS und DHCP will be overwritten. Edits on these files need to inserted in this Skript.

Warning: At this time the key for data exchange between DNS and DHCP won't be renewed. Here for every installation a new key needs to be created and inserted in the Setup-Skript.

phpmyadmin.sh Creates the password for the mySQL-Proxy-account of PhpMyAdmin. Merely in the configuration file phpMyAdmin/config.inc.php will be edit the password entry, manuelle edits will be abide.
samba.sh Creates the Samba-Configurationfile /etc/samba/smb.conf with the correct Windows-Domain, pathes to user-manager, LDAP-Servername and LDAP-"base" (resp. "suffix", see slapd.conf).

Warning: At this time the skript simply overwrites the configurationfile. Thus edits of configuration needs to be considered (f.e. the access rights or definitions of new shares).

sendmail.sh Creates the sendmail-configurationfile /usr/src/sendmail/cf/cf/sendmail.mc with correct LDAP- and sendmail-Servername, correct Domain and LDAP-"base" (resp. "suffix", see slapd.conf). This file generates /etc/mail/sendmail.cf.

Warning: At this time the skript simply overwrites the configurationfile. Indeed at sendmail shouldn't be any configuration modification necessary, because most of the configurationfiles are not located here, but in the LDAP-Database.

squirrelmail.sh Creates the SquirrelMail-configurationfile squirrelmail/config/config.php with the correct data of organisation (for the Windowstitles), Domain, SMTP-, IMAP- and LDAP-Servername and the LDAP-"base" (resp. "suffix", see slapd.conf).
ssl.sh Creates by using the rootcertification (see ca.sh) digital signed SSL-Certifications for LDAP, IMAP, SMTP and HTTP (Web).