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Pdf printer

The pdf printer consists in the substantial of the script pdf as well as the associated attitudes under CUPS. For installation see the installation of /usr/lib/cups/backend/pdf and /usr/share/cups/model/destiller.ppd in
the script MAIN and the runonce script in the section phpMyAdmin-2.5.2-rc1 in the script COMPILE-MYLINUX. The latter contains the following command:

lpadmin -p PdfPrinter -v pdf:/tmp/ -E -P /usr/share/cups/model/destiller.ppd

A printer named "pdf printer" will be installed, which uses the Wrapper script pdf on use of the temporary listing /tmp and the description file for Postscript printers destiller.ppd.

This command can be implemented naturally only with the current running CUPS system, therefore it's integrated in the runonce mechanism, which will be activated at the first Login.

In order to be able to use the printer in a Windows NT network, however also still another Windows printer driver must be high-loaded for automatic installation. In principle each Postscript printer can be used. I usually use the Apple Color LaserWriter 12/600.