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MyLinux the Firewall differs from most distributions with the provided Firewall Skript by its high constructiveness. Only connected through, unencrypted connections will become such as POP3 or IMAP the server thereby likewise blocked connections too actually offered or services used by the server. The only "Forwarding" concerns at present SSH, all other minutes only over server services like the Apache Proxy or Sendmail is passed on, so that all connections on application level become backactionable.

This is naturally connected with a high administration expenditure, because differently than with the Firewall Skripts of other distributions cannot rely on the fact that all taken up services function also immediately without adjustment of the Firewall Skripts.
On the other side myLinux the Firewall blocks reliably propagation attempts of Trojanern and "worms", which try to go around from the LAN Proxy and Mailserver, and logs these at the same time, so that the stricken computers in the company can be made fast.

The Firewall is provided in the section of iptables in the script COMPILE-BLFS. The stop and the status script invariably were taken over from "Beyond Linux from Scratch".