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For the translation see of ht://dig the sections htdig-3.1.6, catdoc-0.91.5, xpdf-2.02pl1 and conv_doc.pl in COMPILE-MYLINUX.

The full text indexing of ht://dig gets configured by the file /usr/local/httpd/htdig.conf.

As with the Apache Web servers already described, ht://dig bypassees the password protection and the SSL coding of of the listing "Intranet". In addition an alias is defined as "Intranet htdig" without password protection, which however only processes can access, which run on the Web server.

The CGI Wrapper /usr/local/httpd/cgi-bin/intranet/htsearch.sh replaces Intranet "found documents with all by to ht://dig the alias "Intranet htdig" by the original name and activates the SSL coding, so that the search results can be also accessed. The Wrapper will be activated by the patch htdig-search.patch.

In order to be able to indicate pdf and Word documents, ht://dig uses a Wrapper script named convdoc.pl. This is activated by the patch htdig-parsers.patch in the configuration file /usr/local/httpd/htdig.conf and gets aligned with the patch htdig-convdoc.patch to pdf and Word documents by indication of the external parser xpdf and catdoc.