Michael Oberg - Freiberuflicher EDV-Berater und Software-Entwickler
Frame Version


  • Founding of a Sourceforge project. On co-operation interested persons announce themselves please to mailto:michael.oberg@mylinuxproject.de.
  • Changes of password under Linux must be synchronized towards Samba. At present only changes of the Windows passwords are synchronized toward Linux.
  • Support of authentication by Client certificates with IMAP/SMTP and HTTP.
  • SSL tunnel for LDAP, so that also clients which do not have TLS encryption (most don't have) can authenticate themselves securely with openLDAP. Without Authentication naturally also no different rights of access can be used.
  • For the binding of Linux clients a network file system with computer authentication must be supported. Candidates are AFS and Coda.
  • The configuration system must be extended, in order to ensure the co-operation of services on different servers. The basic conditions are present, were however not yet thoroughly tested. Also the restrictions given by the current system must be documented at least.