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The myLinux server is a Gnu/Linux operating system, whose Authentication mechanism and partly also its configuration is based on the directory service LDAP.

More and more enterprises consider the connection of personal information such as telephone numbers, addresses etc. with authentication mechanism, right of access administration and digital signature in a central data base of a directory service for the entire firm to be favourable or even necessary.

Among others the following commercial systems offer such features:

  • Microsoft Windows 2000/2003 Active directory
  • Novell directory services
  • SunONE directory server

Within the range of free open source projects this technology uses for example the groupware server Kolab (http://kolab.kroupware.org/).

The requirement to configure consistently all services of a Linux server to use LDAP authentication is still few common. Since September 2003 there is an appropriate product of SuSE, SuSE Linux Standard Server 8. A documentation of the development of this server is not available, as usual for SuSE projects.

The long-term requirement of the project myLinux is to create a free and completely documented implementation of such a system.