Michael Oberg - Freiberuflicher EDV-Berater und Software-Entwickler
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The project myLinux began at the end of of September 2002 on initiative of the Fourier Information GmbH in Cologne. The intention of the Fourier Information was the production of an economical system house offer pallet for the introduction of Linux to small and medium-size enterprises in Germany. In addition to other things an economical Linux server system very easily configurable and requiring only small administration expenditure was needed.

Between October 2002 and February 2003 I provided first on basis of an old SuSE distribution a primary system (Mail- and Webserver, Windows Fileserver and Domain Controller) with central configuration over LDAP. In March I provided concepts and software for the fast collection from network concepts and project plans to their realization. On April 13 a myLinux server took over all important services of the Fourier network (approx. 25 Clients under Windows NT 4.0). Different weaknesses and errors of the system could be recognized and eliminated by the live-test.

At the beginning of July 2003 I began a reorganization of the Sources with the goal of releasing these under the General Public License. The underlying SuSE distribution was completely replaced by a minimum Linux server system based on the project/book Linux from Scratch (short: LFS, version 4.1) by Gerard Beekmans as well as its extension Beyond Linux from Scratch (short: BLFS, version 1.0).