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In principle the myLinux Server can be compiled in an arbitrary folder. However the system needs to be started once (because of the runonce-mechanism), over from it to create an installation-CD. A bootable Linux-System requires always an root-Partition.

For compiling of myLinux this partition must cover minimum four gigabytes.

I used by creating the myLinux Server Live-CD an system with the following partition table
(see also the entries in mylinux.conf):

  • /dev/hda1 - 512 MB swapspace,
  • /dev/hda2 - 2 GB, root-partition of the excisting Linux-Systems,
  • /dev/hda2 - 3 GB, blank,
  • /dev/hda4 - 4 GB, goal partition of the myLinux system, mounted in /mnt/hda4.

In the goal folder and/or the goal partition the packages must be accommodated. The following folder structure is to be kept:

In place of both latter download-locations one should choose an nearby mirror out of the lists www.linuxfromscratch.org and/or www.linuxfromscratch.org/blfs.

The folder myLinux-usermanager-x.xx shouldn't be placed in the goal partition (got created by decompressing the current package mylinux-usermanager-x.xx.tgz out of the Download-Areal). By creating the myLinux server Live-CD I left it in the root folder.

The configuration file mylinux-usermanager-x.xx/setup/mylinux.conf must be adapted to the goal system. This concerns above all the partition table. As root partition the partion has to be indicated, on which the Live-CD will be created. The swap-partition has to be indicated as the one which the running system uses.

Beyond that the network binding must be adapted by determinig the IP-address, the subnetmask and the DNS-Servers.