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For the compiling of Samba see the section samba in COMPILE-BLFS and also the second compiling cycle in the section samba in COMPILE-MYLINUX.

For saving the Samba account informations in the LDAP data base, samba.schema must be included in LDAP; see also schemas.

The file /etc/samba/smb.conf configures among other things the SSL encrypted connection to the LDAP server (ldap server/port/suffix/admin/ssl), the password synchronisation between Windows and PAM (passwd, unix password program/chat sync), and the integration of Windows machines (add user script).

The myLinux server contains several Windows Shares already by default. These are the logon share [netlogon], in which also the login script login.bat must be accommodated (logon script), as well as the home directory [home], which is available as a net drive assembly (logon drive). Also the directory for the Windows printer driver ([print$]), the spool directory for all Windows printjobs ([printer]), and the output directory of the pdf printer ([pdfdocs]) are defined here.

Further Shares can be added manually or by using the Samba administration tool SWAT.

The password for the LDAP administrator is set by the command smbpasswd -w <PASSWORD>. This is done automatically via the configuration routine usermanager/setup/samba.sh.