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Different from most Linux programs the compilation of sendmail is prepared not over a configure script, but by editing the configuration file site.config.m4. Here the following features are activated:

  • Authentication over Cyrus SASL. For the compilation of SASL see the sections cyrus-sasl-2.1.14 and cyrus-imapd-2.1.14 (start script for saslauthd) in the script COMPILE-MYLINUX.
  • Encrytion over SSL (TLS). For the compilation of openSSL see the section openssl in the script COMPILE-BLFS.
  • Configuration over LDAP. For the compilation of openLDAP see the section openldap in the script COMPILE-BLFS.
  • Binding of the virus scanner ClamAV (over clamav-milter) with the Milter interface.

In order to store sendmail configuration data in the LDAP database, sendmail.schema must be included in LDAP; see also schemas.

The configuration of sendmail is made by the file sendmail.mc. This file is present also in the live system for changes of configuration, under /usr/src/sendmail/cf/cf/sendmail.mc.

The connection between the SASL authentication system and sendmail is made by the configuration file /usr/lib/sasl2/Sendmail.conf. The connection to the LDAP server will be created here, it is said which configuration data are stored in the LDAP data base, one connection to the MDA Cyrus IMAPD is created and the paths to the SSL certificates are set.

In addition the connection to Cyrus requires a patch: sendmail-cyrus.patch. The path to the lmtp socket is changed; see also the file cyrus.conf on Cyrus IMAPD.

For compiling of sendmail see section sendmail in the script COMPILE-BLFS as well as the second compiling cycle in the section sendmail in COMPILE-MYLINUX.