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For the installation of the mySQL administration tool PhpMyAdmin see the section phpMyAdmin-2.5.2-rc1 in the script COMPILE-MYLINUX.

The Patch phpMyAdminAuth.patch activates the method of authentification "config". With this method a pro XY account is furnished "pma", whose only access rights login in mySQL as well as reading different
columns of the user and data base table and the table access right table are. Such reduced rights of access are necessary, since it is not in principle possible to prevent a selection of the "pma" password from the PhpMyAdmin configuration. By the pro XY account the
authentification of the actual mySQL user is then made.

Since the mechanism of the pro XY account presupposes a current mySQL
data base, on the other hand a start of the mySQL data base to the
translation time by a still running data base is possibly prevented,
happens this mechanism by means of a "runonce" script, which is only
implemented with the first Login as root into the finished translated