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A majority of the administration of the current system can take place via direct manipulation of the LDAP data base. There is however a whole set of measures, which concern not only the LDAP data base, but also still different components of the Linux system. For these measures separate Skripte exists:

cyruspasswd.pl Differs from the script passwd.pl (see below) only by two things:

  • The user cyrus is not in the LDAP listing "users", but under "special users", and
  • the script stores the password for the user manager in a protected file.
groupadd.pl The only reason, why the creation of groups is not also possible over the LDAP Explorer, is the automatic increase of a counter for the group ID (more gidNumber).
groupdel.pl For reasons of the symmetry also the deletion is an external command.
machineadd.pl Creates a Windows-machine-account.

This script is called normally not directly, but through Samba, as soon as a Windows machine under indication of the Windows password of roots of the Windows domain tries to step. See "ADD user script" in the file /etc/samba/smb.conf. In addition the counter for the user ID is increased (see also useradd.pl).

machinedel.pl Deletes a Windows machineaccount. Is only for reasons of the symmetry an external command .
passwd.pl Changes the UNIX-password in the LDAP-folder.

This script is called normally not directly, but by Samba for synchronisation UNIX and the Windows password. See "passwd program", "passwords chat" and "unix passwords sync" in the file /etc/samba/smb.conf .

Remark: In the next version the normal passwd command must be exchanged by another program, which accomplishes a synchronisation of these two passwords with changes of password under Linux. The program passwd must remain attainable among other things names for changes of the passwords by system users such as roots.

useradd.pl Creates a new user. In the LDAP listing are made both entries for pam_ldap and for Samba . In addition the following activities are implemented, which cannot run over the LDAP Explorer:

  • Automatic increase of a counter for the user ID (more uidNumber),
  • creation of the homeland listing of the user,
  • Creates a mailbox and an activation of the email address of the user,
  • Produce a directory entry,
  • Produce a Registry Skriptes, with Windows does one profile personalize (e.g. indication of the Mailaccounts for Outlook, or registering the name for the Office Workgroup function). The Template for this Registry script is [ UPLOAD
    regtemplate.txt|/root/usermanager/data/regtemplate.reg ].
userdel.pl Deletes the user and archives the following data: *Homeland listing

  • LDAP entry with exception of the passwords
  • Mailbox
  • Attitudes of the Webmailers

In addition myLinux the user manager installs in the listing /usr/local/sbin/mylinux some skripts, which an administrator would like to possibly adapt to the own needs.
daily.sh Implements the following tasks:

  • The time sets after the time server for ntp0.fau.de the university an attaining (here another server should be used, or at least another time is not overloaded, with it this server),
  • leads the script fixsievebug.sh out (see below), *produces a complete search index for the command for LOCATE (this command should be implemented possibly better than users nobody), and
  • produces a full text index for ht://dig .
deltmpfiles Deletes all files from the following temporary listings, which are older than the last call of the script:

  • /tmp,
  • /var/lib/samba/pdfdocs (Output-Verzeichnis des PDF-Druckers),
  • /usr/local/httpd/htdocs/squirrelmail/attachments/ (cache of Webmailers for attachments),
  • /usr/local/httpd/htdocs/ldap/tmp/ (Cookies of LDAP-Explorers).
    Should be executed at least once a week.
fixsievebug.sh Sieve Skripte define server-lateral filters for enamels. For activation these filters must be linked (the script keeps e.g. a left "default" "default.script"). At least the provided Skripte websieve with the very old program was not linked however by Sieve. The
script fixsievebug.sh produces the missing left, it should at least executed once daily.
htsearch.html Copy of searching form of ht://dig, which is installed under /usr/local/httpd/htdocs/htdig.
htsearch.sh Copy of the Wrapper Skriptes of ht://dig, which is installed under usr/local/httpd/cgibin/intranet /. This script must be for example adapted, if ht://dig still except /usr/local/httpd/htdocs/intranet is to scan different closed listings.
ldap2html.pl Spends directory contents of the LDAP listing as HTML and/or (if the Microsoft Office Web Components are installed) as Excel sheet. Here
e.g. the number of spent columns can be drastically reduced - these columns are listed at the beginning of the Skripts.
pdfprinter.pl The PDF-Drucker.